Wednesday, June 22, 2016

What to do for Summer Fun...

     With the weather so hot in Texas, we often ponder, "What to do". The Lakes are full of swimmers and families enjoying the sun. There are people fishing from the banks, fishing from their boats, water boarding, skiing, having a blast. Sunscreen plays a big part in all of this, bull frog can blind you, the others are really not what they seem... how to choose the right one? Just remember to keep applying it, there is nothing like having part of your nose or ears cut off when you get older. JS.
     Then there are the indoor water places like the Great Wolf Lodge, always fun, just very expensive. The outdoor water parks are a good bet, there are several tubing places down here. There are always the slower rivers, the Comal in New Braunfels is always nice, unless your kid goes over the dam and gets sucked under... it happened.
     Everyone loves to cook out and enjoy the B-B-Q thing, except me... I have watched these women prepare all the meat, fix the potato salad and beans, all the buns or bread, relish sides and clean it all up. Then the guy goes over and throws the meat on the grill, hoping not to burn it to a crisp. Then he brings the meat (that she prepared) to the table and everyone pats him on the back. lol. Priceless.
     I myself have done all of the above, we grew up on the river and were dirt poor. We would hop from pot hole to pot hole, all the way down to the river. We would spend the day fishing, swimming, walking along the banks of the Trinity River hoping to find a lure or two. We went snake hunting in the evenings, the prisoners at TDCJ would make you a snake skin belt if you brought them 10 snake skins. That was not a problem for us, we stayed in leather tooled belts until we graduated school. Sometimes we would catch perch all day and bring a stringer full home, Mom would fry up a few and scrape the meat from the bones and enjoy it right then and there. the remainder would be put into the freezer in a brown paper bag and Dad would throw a couple of them to the cats. Watching those cats try and eat a frozen perch was funny.
     We would go down to the bridge on 980 and jump off or dive off, it is a surprise we are still alive. We loved fishing under the bridge and swimming under the bridge. Over where we lived, there was a boat ramp where the people would unload and load their boats. Occasionally they would drop their glasses or keys into the water and pay us a few dollars to go get them. We would hang out there most Saturday mornings, fishing and cashing in. lol. When the river was out of it's banks, the Gar and Alligator Gar would spawn. We would take a wagon and a frog gig down and hunt them down until the wagon could hold no more. The old Black lady down the road would buy all you could bring her, she made Gar Balls. I have never tasted any, all good.
     In my late teens and twenties, all I seemed to do is work. I would hold two to three jobs at a time, always blowing most everything I made. I was working myself into the ground, hair by day, waiting tables by night. What else was there to do? I still keep very busy, still doing hair by day, pricing Antiques and collectibles by night.
     Greg and I have been friends for over 22 years, in the first few years we went to Canton and all these Antique stores on a regular basis. He collected McCoy pottery for his Mother ad I collected if for myself. We soon ended up with quite the clutter and decided to get our first Antique Booth and sell a lot of our finds. After 20 years of Living together, we now have 18 booths in four stores in two different towns. We have started the Early Bird Estate Sale Co. about 15 years ago and have done over 45 sales in our area. We started the Huntsville Antique Show about 13 years ago and three years ago we added the Rusty Chippy Show. We are currently participating in about 8 shows a year and holding three Estate sales a year. It is fun and always great to see new people, the shows allow us to meet some very nice dealers and shoppers. We are always finding new friends and making some (hopefully) life long friends. Greg is going to retire in 14 months, we will be able to do more shows and still do hair. I am thinking of starting up a Vintage Holiday Market, the second weekend in November. I think there is room for a specialty market like that... we will see. Until then, happy junking and shop on! XOXO


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