Thursday, June 11, 2015

Funky Junk VS Antiques

What Time is it? It is time for more indoor shows, which takes us to the Antique Shows in the south! it is way to hot to be running around in the outdoor venues. We are concentrating on the indoor venues, which usually leads us to the finer side of the Antique World. The thing is... are they really all about Antiques? We have been seeing more of the Re-purposed and Decorating trends popping up in almost all of the shows. The junk shows seem to be taking over the industry as of right now. The glass and pottery has pretty much died down and the really high quality has all but ceased to sell at all. The Victorian pieces are few and far between when it comes to sales, you almost have to give it away. Now, when we go out, we look for rusty chippy iron and old worn cabinets, decorator items and chandeliers. The more the item needs to be dressed up, the better. If I sold a galvanized bucket or tub once, I have sold them a dozen times. We did a show in Montgomery,  and we had to bring a load a day, just to keep up with the sales. It was great, unfortunately the side of the booth with quality antiques sold 1/10th as much. We have definitely seen a turn in the last 18 years, I am not sure it was for the better. I have all of these hair clients that keep telling me that their Children have no interest in their Antiques. It is sad but true... Like most things, this will change in a few years and we will be stripping all of that paint off of the nice oak and Antique Furniture. We had to strip off all of that paint from the 70's when our parents :Antiqued" everything... The next generation will have to do the same, it is the way of the world. Keep on junkin and painting, until it is no longer desired... then go buy a storage unit filled with Antiques. We hope to see you out there, somewhere on the trail.

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