Monday, March 24, 2014

Rusty Chippy Show was HUGE!

OMG, we had the best show ever! True it was only the second year for this amazing Antique & Repurpose Show. However, with over 2000 customers, no... make that Shoppers! The dealers wanted me to do it twice a year, or at least put on a Vintage Christmas Market. I thought about the Vintage Christmas Market... I did try to find a Venue but no way, everything was boked. Back to this years Spring Show, it really was a wonderful show. We had Dealers from Michigan to California and all over Texas, coming to set up their wares and finds and repurposed items. The show was about half Antiques and half Repurposed items. All most every Dealer signed up again for next years show. There were some amazing Dealers that almost sold everything in their booths, several brought more truck and trailer loads in on the second day. I was one of them and I sold almost all of that stuff. I have already been busy buying up stuff for the next Rusty, Chippy, Vintage & Hippy Show.

We are now working every spare minute to get this great Estate Sale Finished and Held by April !2th & 13th, 2014. It will be posted on the website:

I may have to bring some of the items to the Montgomery Antique Show in Montgomery Texas, the first weekend in May. Come and see us!

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