Tuesday, December 31, 2013

January Texas Antique Shows 2014

January Antique Shows are Out There!!! If you have any trouble finding an outing in January, it is your own fault. Theresa Cano had listed a lot, I have heard of even more. The Brenham Show is in a new Location, the Fair Grounds, on the north east side of the loop. The Heritage Show in New Braunfels, was a great show last year, so many great dealers with amazing antiques and some funky junk too. The Dallas Vintage Market is all white, shabby this and vintage that, an absolutely beautiful and elegant show. The Fredericksburg trade days are full of everything and there are deals to be found. The Bryan Show (Continental) is full of fine antiques and some sewing stuff, boots and coins, sterling, furniture and more. The Red Barn is having their Winter Sale, we always seem to buy things there. There is a new Show on the Horizion, The Lone Star Gallery Winter Show, Hollis Hooten will be there with friends. If you are going to the Red Barn, you might as well go the distance and hit the Lone Star Gallery Winter Show, it is located in the Sterling McCall Museum in Warrenton. The Tyler Antique Show is a wonderful elegant show. The City Wide Garage Sale is really worth the trip, for those of you whom have not been, it is not really a garage sale. City Wide is full of Antique Dealers, Junkers, Vintage, Industrial and Repurposed items. The Early Shopping cost Ten Dollars and is well worth it! Canton is Canton... you well find anything from a cat to a 10k dollar piece of furniture. There is the Big Blue building in the back, best for Antiques and nicer items, the area in the fields aroung the blue building, best for great deals and junk. The Arbors are full of a great mix of New, Vintage and Antique items. You need two good days to do it all. Happy Hunting and show us your finds on our Facebook! Huntsville Antique Show! Follow us on Twitter, @RustyChippyShow, named after our "Rusty, Chippy, Vintage, Hippy & Garden Show" in March! Instagram at Huntsville Antique Show. Thanks!

January 2-5: Canton TX, Flea Market
January 4-5: Brenham TX, FairGrounds
January 10-12: Heritage Antique Show, New Braunfels Event Center New Braunsfels, TX
January 15-21: Dallas TX Vintage Home Market @ Dallas Market Hall

January 17-19: Fredericksburg Trade Days
January 17-19: Continental Antique Show @ Brazos Center

January 24-25: Red Barn Winter Show, Round Top TX
January 25-26: Tyler Antique Show @ Rose Center 
January 24-26: Lone Star Gallery Winter Show, Sterling McCall Mesuem in Warrenton, TX
January 25-26: City Wide Garage Sale, Austin TX
January 29-Feb. 2: Canton TX, Flea Market

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  1. Well said my friend and thanks for the shout out! Happy New Year!!