Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Texas Antique Shows

Texas Antique Shows are all they are cracked to be, from the amazing dealers picking all year to supply the latest and greatest finds, to the long hot days spent trying to sell them. There is one thing they all have in common... Heart! Those dealers are all about the story behind the items, the pick of the day or even the pick of their year. The Texas Dealer is all about the Merchandise and how to decorate the area to show off their favorite goodies and we as shoppers are all too eadger to get out there find the best deals. Is it human nature to shop and pick so heart heavily? I think it is just our competative nature, if you are not very competative... what do you really end up with at the end of the day? Leftovers! Which can be good sometimes, especially if you want the better bargain. What does not sell very fast is usually sold for a lot less at the end of the day. Some people will be back for it, most move on. we have experienced it many times when we are doing Estate Sales. The shoppers with the ability to come back and see if there are any goodies left, are usually the bargain shoppers of the bargain shoppers. They are hoping to get the absolute lowest price and usually get it. I have been doing Estate sales for over 9 years and have been in the Antique Business for about 17 years. In that time I have started an Antique Show in Huntsville Texas and this is the 9th year. We always hold the show on the third full weekend of September. This year is 2012 and the show has really become a huge success, with over 2200 shoppers and 65 dealers in the two days alloted. We are hoping for a crowd of over 2500 this year and will be very excited to see what really happens at the door. Texas has some wonderful Antique Shows with dealers from all over the country. We are hiding our best finds and hoarding goodies for the Huntsville Antique show and have been all year. We only do the one show right now, so the goodies have not been picked over and they will be plentiful for the shoppers. Thanks for helping make our show a huge success!

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