Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Warrenton Roundtop Carmine La Bahia Shelby Fayetteville is the site for this upcomming Antique Extravaganza. With Dealers from all over the countryside... You will see anything from new to old collectibles and Antiques like never before. A lot of new Trends are started here and some designs are tweaked to fit the style of the dealer. Their Clever and innovative styles mixed with their finds and their wonderful display methods are not to be missed. We love La Bahia, with their increasing price hike in rent, a lot of the favorite dealers have moved down further into Warrenton and some of the other areas. Most of the Huntsville Antique Show Dealers are set up in La Bahia (not Climate Controlled)and Coles (Climate Controlled). There are great finds all around, haggle with them, it is expected... Before you purchase, if you have a phone that will... look it up on ebay or just google it... You may be surprised to find it cheaper out there and see if it helps you get a better price with the dealer in person. You need to be prepared for any kind of weather, wear good shoes, take small bills for exact change. If you go in med week the traffic is much more bearable. You may want to take some of your own boxes and wrapping, just to insure the piling of the finds. Take a cart if you plan on going through the fields, you will need to stay hydrated, coffee and tea will not do... they actually have the reverse effect. The main thing is not to pass up an item and hope it will be there when you decide that you definately want it... it will more than likely be gone. Happpy and Safe Shopping!

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