Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Love Valentines Day Gifts for Him & Her...

Valentines... is the perfect Holiday occasion for saying "I Love You". The perfect gift for anyone, especially for the one next to you. This Valentines I will say it to "My One and Only." I do not wish to receive the typical dying flowers... Last year I received two Camillias, every time they bloom I remember what they stand for. The gift that grows as your relationship grows, the bud that blooms as your love does. Too Mushy? Yea, I think so too! Call the Travel agent, book a really cool three to four day excursion and surprise them with it the week before. The wonderful dinner out to Houston's Resteraunt in Houston, TX, or the new jewelry from Ernst Jewelers downtown Huntsville, TX. These are the things we never forget, the exciting stay over at the Hotel ZaZa in Dallas or Houston... the little things like room service, the massage, the Valet, the dessert & don't forget the return you will receive. I am not talking about the bill, that will come soon enough. Seriously, you need to step out of your box and really surprise your loved ones this Valentine's Day. You may never know how it will help your relationship... The ideas are endless, as your love should be. Good Luck and God Bless!

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