Thursday, January 19, 2012

Antique Shows are Everywhere!

Almost anywhere you look, there are Antique Shows... We started out the year going to Brenham Antique Show, there were some new dealers and a lot of really neat stuff out there. The next weekend we were off to Round Top to the Big Red Barn show, where you can find the rare and unususal items, alond with the most wonderful Antique Tools. That same day we went to the Citywide Sale in Belton, if you can't find anything ther you just could not see through the croud. Then off to the Bryan Show, put on by Continental, it is a three day show, wonderful dealers and a wide array of items for any budget. Then We are off to Austin Citywide Sale at the Palmer Event Center, always amazing... if you go early at 8:00 you pay extra, but first in, best buys. I have never left there empty handed. Happy January Shopping!

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