Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cat Spring Antique Show San Antonio Antique Show Worlds Fair Hair Show

We have a very busy weekend ahead of us... We are heading to Cat Spring Antique Show this Saturday, where we will pass out information about the Huntsville Antique Show and hope to gather more shoppers for the following weekend. Then off to San Antonio to the Antique Show there. We realize that San Antonio may be a stretch as far as gathering customers, however we have over 50 shoppers from there now... The main thing in San Antonio this weekend is the Worlds Fair Hair Show at the Convention Center. I am going to learn all I can about the latest cutting techniques, coloring processes and patterns and the latest and greatest product lines! There will be new colors, perming techniques,(they call those new perms "texture") there will be far out colors that we will only use ten times in a year and the new capes (which we really need). There will be dealers selling skin care lines, waxing lines, sissors for $500.00 and up... along with every tool you can think of. Through all of this, I will retain 25% and hope not to spend too much along the way! This is a very busy weekend, hope all is well with our dealers for next weekends Antique Show, I will have a hard time answering the phone at the show... so consider me off Sunday! Thanks.

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