Monday, August 15, 2011

The Latest Travels to Austin and Llano and Back to Huntsville... all in one day.

We started off in a rush to get to Austin, we only made it to Bryan before the truck was full!

We headed out anyway, we kept finding great buys all the way there. When we arrived, it was close to lunch time and we hit Austin City Wide hard! We saw Teresa Cano, her booth was awesome and full of shoppers. We saw Cindy Messer again, I seriously think she does every show around and some out of state. Teresa convinced us that we needed to go over to Llano and we did... We were surprised to see all of the Antique stores and Junk Shops. We kept finding stuff and loved Several stores, two of the favorites were right next door to each other. Binky Le Faye & Whimseys was really awesome... there was a cute place across the street too.

You should have seen the truck after that... Marion (our side kick) had mentioned that she could ride on top, like the Beverly Hill Billies. We almost took her up on it... Marion bought enough stuff to redo her booth and we actually did redo ours on Sunday... here are the new booth photos.

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  1. Glad y'all made it to Binky's, it is a fun place to go! Good to see you again.