Monday, August 22, 2011

Houston Glass Show in Rosenberg Texas & Waco Zoo

This weekend was a little different from the past few weekends. We took off Friday, it was Greg's birthday on Saturday... he wanted to go to the Waco Zoo. We packed some clothes Thursday night after work and took off for Waco. We arrived in Waco at the new, very nice Best Western, it was around ten and the jacuzzi closed at ten thirty. We quickly got changed and went down for a relaxing soak. When we entered the pool room, we were engulfed with the stinging aroma of chlorine or bleach... We got into the hot tub but could only stay for about 8 minutes... the burning of the eyes was just too much. We went up and got ready for bed and scoped out a few morning sales. The next morning, our eyes were red and one of Greg's was swollen shut. We managed to get ourselves together load the truck and have breakfast at the hotel. The breakfast was good, Greg drank two glasses of orange juice... and I had coffee. We went to several garage sales and ended up at the Zoo. The Zoo was open but there was no attendant taking money. We just went in and started enjoying the quaint little zoo. On the way out, the attendant was present and I paid him then.

Our first antique stop was "Bloom and Bee Swanky" I really like this store. The store is filled with wonderful and beautiful items, it has lots of white and muted tones with repurposed items.  They are always changing their displays around and there are some really good deals.... a wonderful store! Our next stop was Cameron Trading Co. and we always buy stuff to resale in there. We were told of a place on 18th street... we really could buy in there. It was Laverty's and it was awesome, with loads of good deals and all kinds of stuff to repurpose with. I bought old baby shoes for nothing and really loaded up on cool finds that you can now find in my booths in Huntsville... I just saved you the trip. You really must go to Laverty's, they are not always open, you have to get on their email list to find out when the openings occur. This is when Greg's orange juice decided to seriously torture him. Lets just say, I shopped alone and not very much, all the way home. We were supposed to be heading to Rosenberg shopping the whole way, home would have to do. Saturday was a fresh start, we were happy to be alive and actually found some industrial stuff before we even left town. We finally made it to Rosenberg before the show opened on Saturday. We shopped the glass show and saw a few of our show dealers too. Nita Robbins was nice enough to put out cards in the front of the show, she is always a great help. We stopped Angleton and Alvin and headed towards home. We stopped on Almeda at a mall and bought one little item and headed home. What a weekend, home safe and another awesome weekend.

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