Monday, August 1, 2011

Canton Weekend was full of Good Deals & Hot in August!

We finally made it to Canton this past weekend and passed out information about the Huntsville Show. We stopped in Athens and Spent the night at the Holiday Inn Express, it was nice and they served a nice breakfast. Then we were off to Canton, hitting the fields around the Paviloin first. The Fields were not as packed as usual, but the deals were still there. We went as far as the Arbors and saw a Huntsville Show Dealer and had lunch with her at Granny's Kitchen. There you can get a wide variety of items, one plate we ordered was filled with four sides and crackers. We had the pasta salad, chicken salad, pominto cheese and fresh fruit, it was very refreshing. We proceeded to the Pavilion passing by the ROW 46, that was a very fu fu isle with some really neat booths. We met some really nice dealers there and they were very nice to allow me to take a picture or two...
The Veranda is the second Photo, cute shop and very organized, not over done with the newer inventory. We were able to shop these stores with pleasure. The end of Canton for us was the Pavilion, all air conditioned but missing some vendors...
Then we went to A wonderful mall a few miles outside of Athens... Lindy Mall was full of surprises and priced to sell. We were able to go through Montalba and found several boxes of deals... it was sweet! We finished up in Palestine, passed out more show information and headed home. We were happy to find Forever Friends in Elkhart was still open and past them was an Estate Sale! Wow! What a day of shopping! We filled up the truck and now we have to clean, prep and price it all... keep a look out for the new items in the booths! Shop Downtown Huntsville and you will be getting the deals too. Thanks for reading and click on Follow to keep up!

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  1. Love your blog! Have been in the antiques business over 30 years and have now been conducting estate sales in South Texas for 4 years. Isn't it great? This business never gets old! I can hardly wait to get out and about for that next find!!! Keep up the good work!