Monday, July 25, 2011

The Continental Antique Show in Bryan Texas Gambling for Deals

Is it a Gamble or is it worth the trip? How many of us are willing to take a trip to seriously Gamble? We take a chance every time we leave the house, "will this be the time I find the treasure of a life time?" Probably not, but the hunt is what it is all about and the hope that lives within all of us Junkers. The "Antique Dealer" AKA "Junker" is always looking for the one find of a lifetime, or at least a great day of shopping and selling. If the term "junkers" offends, I appologise, but it was someones junk or you would probally not have ended up with it... that's all I am saying.

This past weekend we went to Bryan Texas to the Antique Show to visit some Dealers and to leave some information on the Huntsville Show in September, 17th & 18th 2011. We are always out and about looking for some great deals and usually finding things.... I always hear " It is so hard to find quality items", that is not my story. We are seriously on the go almost every weekend, we always bring home a truck load or at least half a truck load. If you are having trouble finding great stuff, you are, in my opinion, not looking very hard. This past weekend I found a Weller wall Pocket for $18.00 that books for $350.00 and an American Fostoria Swung vase for $10.00 that books for $200.00. That is just one morning, in about three hours and what a profit. There are so many places to shop and there are so many deals to be found, just stop at that Mom and Pop shop, hit the Goodwill, try a new resale, you will be surprised at what you will find. If you are willing to get up early enough and hit a few garage sales, you may be amazed at what you will find. I have been to too many shops that are using the internet to price their wares and wonder why it is not selling... guess what? They can get it for that price on the internet, why are they out wasting their precious gas and time? Fact is, when I am out shopping, I check the price of the item with the internet. If it is close to the same price I will pass on it, I have to be able to mark it up and resale this stuff. We made the same mistake when we started to acquire too many books and information on the items we commonly sell. We would mark it up to just below the book price and keep it for years, not good! If we pay $10.00 dollars for a $300.00 item, we sell it for $150.00. That is how we started out and we were selling between $2000.00 to $3000.00 each month... we have finally gotten back to the great sales years. Things are out there and they are worth looking for. I'll be willing to bet that you will be back out there soon and good luck, warmest of wishes and watch out for me... I will try not to run you down while I am snatching and grabbing! Junking is just as addictive as Gambling, and I have it bad!

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