Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Texas Antique Shows

Huntsville Texas has one of the Greatest shopping experiences with over six antique shops around the square and one out HWY 190 towards Livingston TX.

Our annual Antique show is always held the third full weekend of September, right before Round Top and Warrenton Shows. The attendance last year was overwhelming, our Dealers were very happy and so were the shoppers. With the show coming up so soon, we are a few booths from being completely full this year. We really have an awesome group of Dealers, from as far away as Wisconsin, Arkansas, Arizona and all over Texas and Louisianna. We are expecting a killer crowd, with the addition of the new Billboard on the south side of town, the already existing Billboard on the North of Madisonville, all of our radio and Antique magazines, news papers.... we are definately over exposed.

The antique booths downtown have already picked way up in sales. We just redid the window at Sam Houston Antique Mall and have had a huge response in sales thus far. If you can, get to Huntsville, visit Big Sam Houston, Bring the whold family... spend time at the State Park, shop downtown, go see Sam Housotn's Grave, eat downtown and shop! There is so much to do locally, you really need to explore Huntsville again. Welcome, and God Bless.

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