Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mckinney Texas Red Lumberyard & Downtown Mckinney

Mckinney Texas has one of the best shopping places on earth! These Dealers sell cheap, from a set of glass door knobs and hardware for $10.00 to the great furniture, shabby chic dressers for $30.00 and the water faucets for $1.00 each.

These two outdoor photos are where it is at! This is the Red Lumber Yard and the Prices are amazing... It is almost as if the cool shops downtown have been shopping here all along, and I am sure that is not the case. There are amazing buys and so worth the drive! The Dealers are so personable and awesome for ideas, they are really cool. On my facebook several dealers gave me their cards, I put their websites out there for you to see.

The Red Lumberyard in Mckinney!

The indoor photos are all from the largest antique store in Mckinney, they are so nice in there and referred us to the Mexican Restaurant across the street to eat, Good Choice. We bought so much stuff from that area, it will take us two weeks to price it all. Thanks Mckinney!

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  1. I think I must visit McKinney TX if I get such good deals like dressers for $30.00 and the water faucets for $1.00...

    ~ Mehul
    Indiana Limestone