Monday, June 13, 2011

Barber Shop Collectibles Salon or Barber?

This year we have found it harder and harder to fing quality Barber Shop memorabillia. Over the last few years we have seen the decline of old Razors, Strops, very few Barber Chairs and the price of barber signs has hit the roof. You can find the occasional sterilizer in brown for around a hundred dollars and the white ones for around one fifty.

The days of the Barber Shop has really changed from your Fathers Barber shop days. They used to use warm foam, straight razors sharpened on the strop, hot towels and some powder and aftershave. Now you get a buzz and the bill. My last barber shop cut two months ago and was not what I had imagined, but now I am thinking it was the last. Why should I go to the Barber Shop for a dry cut and a bill, when I can go to a salon for a cut, shampoo, some gel and clean conversation. They use a tape roller on your neck to get the loose hair, give you a razor cut or scissor or clipper cut, edge it up and sell me the correct product for my new style. Why oh why are the Barber shops dying off? I wonder...

My friend David has a barber shop and offers almost everything! When you go in there you can even get a massage, treatments and friend up on Facebook for the latest deals in the shop. You can book on line, through email or just pop in. They are srtiving to stay alive in these me me me times. To stay on top, you must evolve into the needs of the client. I can reach my stylist on facebook, their personal phone, even leave a message and have it returned in an acceptable time frame. This is what I personally desire, not having to wait or get there early to get in, and the salons stay open much later in the day. hit me up, let me know what and why you choose.

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