Monday, April 11, 2011

Bendix Radios... a thing of the past...

Radios are becoming a thing of the past with the xm radio and Sirrus radio systems out there. Bendix was one i had not heard of in the entire time I have been doing this Antique thing.

Bendix was know as the Radio to have back in the day, this is one that I found locally. Bendix started making domestic radios and phonographs for the retail market after the war as an outgrowth of its production of aircraft radios. Bendix also built television sets from 1950 to 1959. Production of radios for the retail trade stopped in the mid fifties, but in 1948 Bendix started to sell car radios directly to Ford and other auto manufacturers. This market rapidly grew during the 1950s, but shrank just as fast in the 1960s when Ford, GM and Chrysler started producing their own radios.

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