Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Montgomery Antique Show 2011 is April 30th, May 1st.

The Montgomery Antique Show has been a blast in the past, with Dealers from all over. We have really enjoyed setting up there and always prefer an outside booth. This is going to be very diffucult for us this year, although we are trying to get there. Our up-coming Estate Sale is on the 7th of May, the weekend before, we have to really bust bottom to make it happen. Then we have to finish before the next weekend. I still have to take pictures, post it all on http://www.estatesales.net/ and advertise it in the paper. I am trying to work this out in my head, Greg is working on Friday till five and I am working on Friday till eight pm. If I could hire some help for Greg to get the booth set up in Montgomery... I might be able to pull this thing off. We are so eagar to get our mew items out there to sell. Greg's Mom just handed us almost all of her McCoy Pottery collection and all of her Fiesta to sell. We are going to have the best spring and summer garden and pottery booth ever, if we can make it happen. Pray for good weather, and not too hot please. Thanks for reading, and keep an eye on Facebook for updates.

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