Monday, February 21, 2011

Estate Sale for Great Finds

We have been swamped with sales this year thus far. This past Saturday we had a sale and was sold out of almost everything including all of the appliances by 10:00 am. It was crazy good, and the next sale is on the 5th of March, we are hoping for the same.

The Antique stores in the area have really picked up on sales, ever since August of last year. It has almost been as good as five years ago, when you could actually make money doing this. The clientele are different and the merchandise has to change with the ever growing changes. The items from the 60's, 70's, and even the 80's are really hot right now. We are trying to grow with the demand, we have a really hard time not shopping for what we have sold in the past and the older the better idea. That has to change in order to really make money in this business. "Vintage" is the word that describes the items that the shoppers are looking for, along with "repurposed". That is one of my favorites, repurposed, that is the use of any item being used for some other purpose. I have seen egg baskets upside down with light fixtures in it, lamp shades torn apart and fixed as the lamp, you can only imagine... There is no wrong way to use the items, or so it seems. If you get over to Round Top and La Bahia this spring, look around, it is not hard to see where the trend is heading for now. The shabby in "Shabby Chic" just got shabbier, and the chic got left behind. Happy Hunting out there, and we will post again soon... we have an Awesome French Antique Estate Sale coming up in April, so keep an eye on and Huntsville.

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