Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Antique Shows in Texas....

This past weekend we went to the Brenham Show and was very excited to see a lot of fresh dealers. There were different dealers than we normally see and they were all spry and eadgar to start the show. We talked to several Dealers that do the Huntsville Show and visited with some others.

The next stop was Austin City Wide Garage Sale, at the Palmer Center by the river. That show is always hopping, shoppers galore and all kinds of neat items. We always load up in Austin and seem to find some great lunch places too.

The picture is from Uncommon Objects, on Congress just south of the Bats at the Bridge... there are so many cool things in this one shop and it stays full of clients all day. We love their repourposed feel and how they are using their finds. This sghop actually inspired us to do ao booth with the same feel in Huntsville. Come and see us soon, or we will come and see you!

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