Friday, October 1, 2010

Round Top and Marburger Farms and The Red Barn Sale

The Big Sale is on! We had a wonderful time with our dealers from all over the countryside. We went traveling all over Round Top and Carmine, La Bahia and Cole's Antique Shows and several others. We were out last weekend shopping and signing up a few Dealers on Saturday, the shows were all full. The weather was awful on Saturday but was much better Monday when I passed back through from Austin. There was a Hair Show in Austin that I had to attend and pick up the new fall looks. On my way back through Round Top I visited with several of our Dealers and was surprised to hear about the slow sales... We are going again this weekend and are hoping they all have better news this weekend. I hope to drag back some new pictures of a few new dealers that we are going to see to sign up for next year. I am happy to say that we are acquiring them from an Oklahoma Show the same weekend as ours. We are very happy with our wide variety of Dealers and wish them all a prosperous year ahead!

We just signed up for a very exciting Estate Sale with Candlewick serving Pieces and a Candlewick Punch Bowl and Cups and Cake Plates. There is Silver Flatware, three Dining Room Sets, one is Queen Anne from a well known maker... (can't remember right off hand). He he he.
There is a house full of Hard Rock Maple, all Name Brand and smalls like you will not believe. We will post pictures and Dates soon! Make sure you are on our email list, and signed up for

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