Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Martha's Bloomers in Navasota TX

I set out to do some advertising in Navasota, get some fliers on doors, leave stacks of cards around.. and have a simple lunch. I started out at Martha's Bloomers and asked if I could leave some cards about the Antique show. The lady was very nice, and asked if I had ever been to their Tea Room. I searched it out and WOW! That quaint little tea room was just buzzing with folks, I was seated and quickly brought a fresh Blueberry Scone and a sample of the Citrus Mint tea. It was wonderful, I took my lemon and squeezed it in the tea and pow! what a flavor burst! I ordered the Tuna Salad with the cup of Tortilla Soup, and it came with a third side, so I got the Pasta Salad. The plate was back before I had time to finish my scone... and the presentation was beautiful. The soup just melted in your mouth, with chunks of chicken, so flavorful! The pasta was so pretty with the chopped cherry tomatoes and the green pepper and red onions, I hated to eat it (not!). Then the tuna with the touch of sage... and the nice side of crackers... come on people! All for under $10.00! I am a fan! Thank You Martha's Bloomers!

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