Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dallas Texas Continental Antique Show & Buchanan Antiques and Collectibles Market

We had a blast this past weekend in Dallas, there was an Continental Antique Show right next to Buchanan Antique Market! We shoped on one side and bought some stuff, signed up a few dealers and then went next door and signed up six more booths! Awesome day! We finished the outing with a trip to the El Fenix Mexican Restaurant! When we arrived at Buchanan's there was hardly a place topark, people were leaving with their goodies and it was only 10 in the morning. We had a few dealers signed up there, they were happy to see us out promoting the show and needed some cards for their upcoming shows. Thank goodness I keep a stash in the car and am always eadger to give them out. There were some really good dealers at the show, a really cool fifty's booth and several booths that had a wonderful variety of quality items. In the Contintental Show there were some of last years dealers and a few dealers that had a wonderful selection of Texas memoribilia. That is one of the dealers that signed up for our show! We actually signed up for the Continental show in Bryan Texas, to actually have a booth in July... my Birthday Weekend! That is a three day show, I will have to be off for five days! Oh well... here we go!

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