Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mc Coy Pottery Nelson McCoy Roseville Ohio

I have been collecting McCoy Pottery for about 30 years, my Dad got me started at Garage Sales, he called it "Poor Man's Pottery." I am still collecting it today and think I am pretty close to being Finished! The Pussy in the Well is one of my latest finds at Carmine, it was less than half of book! A very hard piece to find! I have only seen it one other time...


The  Plant
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Nelson McCoy Pottery Works around 1926

In April of 1910 The Nelson McCoy Sanitary Stoneware Company, located in Roseville, Ohio, was formed by Nelson McCoy and his father J. W. McCoy. They began to manufacture and sell functional and decorative stoneware. They also mined, bought and sold clay. This part of their business provided clay to many of the area potteries for several years. In May of that year they contracted for the construction of a building and purchased the equipment necessary to produce the products in large quantity. They selected the Roseville area because of the availability of clay and the land that the city donated free of cost.

The Region had the natural resource of clay and the work force with the necessary experience in manufacture of earthenware. Ohio had been from the early 1800's, a pottery producing area. With the knowledge, resources, and product need the Nelson McCoy Sanitary Stoneware Company was a successful enterprise from the start. The Stoneware was functional in the beginning and consisted of such items as Jars, Jugs, and Crocks for use in food and beverage storage to items such as poultry fountains, foot warmers and other not so glamour pieces.

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