Monday, April 26, 2010

Hat Molds Cowboy Hat Molds Wooden Hat Molds

Wooden Hat Molds are a great conservation piece or focal point on a side table or just in the middle of the shelf. I have mine surrounded by old spools of different sorts.

Hat blocks were introduced in the late 1920s. Blocks were used interchangeably, and could be assembled in a variety of ways to create different shapes and styles. The shape of blocks varied and developed throughout the years to reflect fashion and styles of the day, along with changes in technology. Hat blocks would first be covered with tissue paper to prevent dye from transferring onto the blocks and potentially staining future materials. Later, plastic bags or washable fabric 'hat socks' were used. Fabric, straw or felt would then be shaped onto the block, pushing along the grain of the material, and secured using string which was tied into a 'blocker's knot'. The material would then be steamed, and shaped into the desired style. In the 1940s aluminum blocks, or 'hot blocks' were introduced. These blocks were placed over an electric cone and heated in order to shape the hat.

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