Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gong Bell Old Pull Toy Childrens Rider

Pull toys are a great collectible, there are different companys like Fischer Price and Gong Bell and more.... These are a few of the Gong Bell Toys from the past...

The Gong Bell Manufacturing Co., was a maker of bells and toys. Gong Bell was established as a partnership in 1866 by H. H. Abbe, E. C. Barton, E. G. Cone and A. H. Conklin in East Hampton, Connecticut and was incorporated under the laws of the state of Connecticut in April, 1899. They made valuable and important inventions in gongs, bells and toys. In 1872, Barton patented a toy called “Revolving Chimes” – “a pair of cast brass gongs, mounted between two malleable iron wheels.” This was the beginning of Gong Bell’s toy making history. In the 1880’s, the “Chestnut Bell” became a popular craze all over America. You attached the bell to your coat lapel to warn someone that his or her story was a repeat. The company also manufactured the first foot bell ever used on automobiles.

After re-organization in 1921 – Gong Bell introduced one of the most successful toys invented at the time. It was a toy telephone call “Playphone 600” – a toy telephone with bell and movable receiver hook. This was also the time Gong Bell started concentrating on its wooden toy future. During World War II, Gong Bell also took on military contracts to make hardware for parachutes. Gong Bell received the Walt Disney contact to make Disney toys winning the contract from the N. N. Hill Brass Co. in the 30’s who had the Disney license at that time. There are several stories on why Gong Bell went out of business in the 60’s. One of the stories is that with the introduction of plastic toys and other companies being more prepared for this new toy making process – Gong Bell just could not compete.

Richard Mueller is an avid collector of Gong Bell and N. N. Hill Brass toys. He is in the process of developing a catalog to identify Gong Bell and N. N. Hill Brass toys. He would appreciate any help with toys, company catalogs or any company information you may have on these companies. He may also be interested in purchasing toys from either company. You can contact him at email: home1@rpmpizza.com. He appreciates any help you may have.

One characteristic of Gong Bell wooden pull toys is their incorporation of some kind of a metal bell into the toy either as shown in the Rabbit and Cart pull toy should with the rabbit holding a bell or the Galloping Cowboy chime wheels. The characters are most generally lithographed on the toy much like most Fisher Price toys.

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