Monday, February 8, 2010

Western Antiques and Collectibles....

There are still some quality Western Antiques to be found, or you can take the back of a Naugahyde couch and make it into a Headboard... I did. You can collect Western signs, Cookie jars, lamps, and Buddy Lee. There are all kinds of western dishes, from tin to pottery and plastic. Figurines, Horses, Hats, the more the merrier and it usually looks better grouped all together. There are western Toy Boxes, usually with pretty good designs, or brand your own. Old western toys are a little harder to find, Ebay is a pretty good source, just a little harder on the pocket book. Anything having to do with horns will help pull the over all look together. Old buckles, framed in a grouping, old trophies look great in a cluster and magazine pictures, in a cheap wooden frame (usually find older wooden frames for a dollar or less at estate or garage sales) grouped on the wall. Old crates are good for creating different levels in your nook or cranny. Try something out, post a picture or two... Thanks and have a Great Day!

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