Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kitchen Collectibles are a fun and easy.....

There is a few really easy to find collectibles on the market today, one you can add new things to and still pull it off. Kitchen Collectibles, they are everywhere and very affordable. You can design an entire kitchen around one item, decide the color scheme and add a shelf or two and your off! I found a table with chrome legs, porcelain top, with red trim. I matched the color of the trim, painted a wall or two, left an accent wall white and started collecting accessories. It started out with just a few items and just kept growing. Today, five years later, it is still growing to the point, if I buy something, something has to go. It's like trading up, and with the Antique booth we have, it just goes out to sell. One of the best ways to add to your kitchen collectibles that's really affordable is at garage sales, most kitchen items are under $5.00, and you can acquire a hand full in no time. Be selective, otherwise you too will need a booth to resale item's at.... Have a great day!

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