Thursday, February 4, 2010

Antique Candy Jars

I have been collecting Candy Jars for about three years or so. It started when we did this sale for a Lady in Trinity, Tx. I saw the big Peppermint jar and had to have it, then we went to a few garage sales and found more. We even found some at Antique Shows, but they were way too expensive. The best find was at a sale in Huntsville, Betty Nelson was selling out her Bed and Breakfast, she had eight or so jars, and now my collection was complete. Until I saw Teresa Cano at Round Top and bought her large Candy Jar, she made me a relly great price, Thanks Cano! The pictures are on Facebook, I always post my Blogs on Facebook under Huntsville Antique Show, look me up.


  1. F: You are most welcome, that was a nice candy jar!

  2. Fill those Jars with Bakelite or some dominoes, marbles, or even dice... fun storage for smaller collections!