Thursday, January 21, 2010

What is the topic? Today I think we are going to talk about Estate Sales. I am very familiar with these, we are the Proud owners of "Early Bird Estate Sales" we only advertise by word of mouth, that's all one needs in a smaller town, if the reputation is good... We usually have 5 to 10 sales a year, and the prices are half of their value. You can't beat the deals, we are always willing to take offers on items and will call you back later in the day to let you know if your offer was the best. There are so many quality antiques in the Huntsville and surrounding area. We handled the Wynn Gibbs Palmer Estate, it was amazing. Mrs. Palmer never threw anything away and inherited all of her family items from both sides. The artist Thomason was her brother-in-law, an there was so many paintings and drawings by Mr. Thomason and other Huntsville Artist such as Geeslin and Pebworth. We had shoppers in line 6 hours before the sale started, from San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, just all around. You really should look on and get on their mailing list for the sales in your area, it has really helped out clients find some really cool Antiques. Have to run for now....

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