Monday, January 25, 2010

Today I am going to discuss the Bryan Antique Show (and the trip)... which was a nice show and we were able to find some really good buys. We like to collect Bauer Pottery, mostly from the 30's through the 60's... if it is in good condition. There were several pieces that we picked up for a very reasonable amount of money, and a Steiff Owl, Greg likes to collect Steiff animals. We saw several of our regular Huntsville Show Dealers, and had a nice visit too. The best finds were on the way to Waco Texas, the road is a little boring but the finds along the way are always worth it. We went to one Antique Mall and found five bags of goodies for a little over $100.00, which is really hard to do. Waco itself has a few good Antique Malls, you can always find a good deal in Waco. There is this one cute little place over by the Dr. Pepper Museum, that is decorated so well, like in a magazine. The owners really mark their stuff down over time, just to move in the new stuff. It seems like a different set up every time we go in there. The drive home is slow, but the reward of going to Woody's Smokehouse on I-45 is always worth the wait. You can get some Jerky of any flavor and we love the Jalapeno Cheese Bread made fresh, with just a small piece of fudge... YUM!
Then the ride to Huntsville seems to go by rather quickly, you can just skip supper... Thanks Woody's!

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