Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I am new to this whole blog thing, my purpose is unclear at this time, but here it goes.
I have been an Antique Dealer since the 90's and have seen a lot of things go through the doors of the Mall we are in. I have realized that Huntsville Texas is one of the best areas to shop, for deals on Antiques, Estate Sales and a few good places to eat while out and about. There are six Antique shops right downtown and over 200 dealers. If you are an early shopper, I suggest that you visit the Lindo Mexico on 11th street three blocks east of the Courthouse. There you will find some of the most authentic Mexican breakfast in these parts. Then you can head right back to the square and right before the Courthouse on the right, (just past the Ace Hardware), is your first stop. The next block across from the Courthouse is where you can find three more Antique shops. Then take a left on Sam Houston Ave. and a block down on both sides of the street are two more Antique Shops. They even have one with three stories and a basement, it is full of stuff. However, if you like to come in later in the morning... I suggest the landmark "Texan Cafe", (on the south west corner of the Courthouse), don't be in a hurry for this country food, quality takes time. Then you can head over to the candy and ice cream shop on 11th st. look left coming out of the Texan Cafe. I am saving the "Farm House" for last, that's what we do with the best... the best food around, on University Ave, just two blocks south of the Courthouse, take the car, it's further than Granny needs to walk.


  1. In the above post, I wrote go right on Sam Houston... you actually take a LEFT!!!! Thanks.

  2. Hey Greg and Fredrick, I'd be glad to add your site but I'd also ask the same of you, that you add my blog to yours. And, I'm not adding antique show info. until it gets closer to the actual show month. I have had your antique shows listed on previous years on my side bar, just thought I'd share that since you commented that your site hasn't been on my blog! Good luck with the blog, T