Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Canton weekend is coming up, we have friends that are setting up as I write this. Tomorrow will be the very best deal day and that's when you can find the rare finds. You have to get in before the dealers all buy from each other... There are still good deals the rest of the weekend, you just have to be prepared to dig them out! I prefer up on the hill where the blue building is, not necessarily in the building(although there are some goodies in there) but on the grounds outside of the building. Those people are ready to make deals, they are out there all day and some of the nights. We plan on going over on Sunday to see if there is anything left and sometimes they are ready to take a little less for items if their show did not go so well. Saturday we are going to Tyler to an Antique Show, we have never been to. I will let you know more when we get back!

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