Wednesday, June 22, 2016

What to do for Summer Fun...

     With the weather so hot in Texas, we often ponder, "What to do". The Lakes are full of swimmers and families enjoying the sun. There are people fishing from the banks, fishing from their boats, water boarding, skiing, having a blast. Sunscreen plays a big part in all of this, bull frog can blind you, the others are really not what they seem... how to choose the right one? Just remember to keep applying it, there is nothing like having part of your nose or ears cut off when you get older. JS.
     Then there are the indoor water places like the Great Wolf Lodge, always fun, just very expensive. The outdoor water parks are a good bet, there are several tubing places down here. There are always the slower rivers, the Comal in New Braunfels is always nice, unless your kid goes over the dam and gets sucked under... it happened.
     Everyone loves to cook out and enjoy the B-B-Q thing, except me... I have watched these women prepare all the meat, fix the potato salad and beans, all the buns or bread, relish sides and clean it all up. Then the guy goes over and throws the meat on the grill, hoping not to burn it to a crisp. Then he brings the meat (that she prepared) to the table and everyone pats him on the back. lol. Priceless.
     I myself have done all of the above, we grew up on the river and were dirt poor. We would hop from pot hole to pot hole, all the way down to the river. We would spend the day fishing, swimming, walking along the banks of the Trinity River hoping to find a lure or two. We went snake hunting in the evenings, the prisoners at TDCJ would make you a snake skin belt if you brought them 10 snake skins. That was not a problem for us, we stayed in leather tooled belts until we graduated school. Sometimes we would catch perch all day and bring a stringer full home, Mom would fry up a few and scrape the meat from the bones and enjoy it right then and there. the remainder would be put into the freezer in a brown paper bag and Dad would throw a couple of them to the cats. Watching those cats try and eat a frozen perch was funny.
     We would go down to the bridge on 980 and jump off or dive off, it is a surprise we are still alive. We loved fishing under the bridge and swimming under the bridge. Over where we lived, there was a boat ramp where the people would unload and load their boats. Occasionally they would drop their glasses or keys into the water and pay us a few dollars to go get them. We would hang out there most Saturday mornings, fishing and cashing in. lol. When the river was out of it's banks, the Gar and Alligator Gar would spawn. We would take a wagon and a frog gig down and hunt them down until the wagon could hold no more. The old Black lady down the road would buy all you could bring her, she made Gar Balls. I have never tasted any, all good.
     In my late teens and twenties, all I seemed to do is work. I would hold two to three jobs at a time, always blowing most everything I made. I was working myself into the ground, hair by day, waiting tables by night. What else was there to do? I still keep very busy, still doing hair by day, pricing Antiques and collectibles by night.
     Greg and I have been friends for over 22 years, in the first few years we went to Canton and all these Antique stores on a regular basis. He collected McCoy pottery for his Mother ad I collected if for myself. We soon ended up with quite the clutter and decided to get our first Antique Booth and sell a lot of our finds. After 20 years of Living together, we now have 18 booths in four stores in two different towns. We have started the Early Bird Estate Sale Co. about 15 years ago and have done over 45 sales in our area. We started the Huntsville Antique Show about 13 years ago and three years ago we added the Rusty Chippy Show. We are currently participating in about 8 shows a year and holding three Estate sales a year. It is fun and always great to see new people, the shows allow us to meet some very nice dealers and shoppers. We are always finding new friends and making some (hopefully) life long friends. Greg is going to retire in 14 months, we will be able to do more shows and still do hair. I am thinking of starting up a Vintage Holiday Market, the second weekend in November. I think there is room for a specialty market like that... we will see. Until then, happy junking and shop on! XOXO


Monday, December 28, 2015

After The Holiday Shopping

This is the time for deals! With the extra money from gifts and gift cards, most Antique stores are having sales. Out with the old and in with the new, Christmas items on sale, making way for new displays, excellent for shoppers. The dealers are happy to see the end of the season, redecorating for Valentine's Day. Window Displays are very important, this is the chance to make the shoppers "want to come in". The New Year decorations are few and far between, there just is not enough time to decorate the window every week. (In most stores). With Canton flooding this week, we are all very optimistic to see what's going to happen there. We hope and pray they are all doing well and have little or no damage. It is hard to scratch it all and start over, although several of us have. Happy New Year and get out there and get those good deals before the sales end. See ya there.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Show Season is HOT! A show in any Direction...

There are so many show coming up, this weekend alone there are three, right here locally! Of-Course by Locally, I mean within driving distance and still ending up in your own bed. We have the Houston Glass Show in Rosenberg, the Funky Junk Round-up in Waco and Fredericksburg Trade Days, technically a trade days weekend... but it will count! We have traveled to all three at one time or another and still laid our heads down on our own pillow. The Close choice for the Huntsville area is the Rosenberg Show. If you love glassware, this is a great show. If you happen to miss it, don't fret, there are two a year. There is also a great antique show in the building next door. MY FAVORITE part of the Glass Show. There are several shops downtown Rosenberg, one even offers puzzle shaped cookies and allows you to sit and work on their puzzle of the week. There is a Great Mexican food shop (Bob's Tacos) and a great old fashioned Soda Fountain, both have great food. The Waco Show, Funky Junk Round-up is a great blend of Antiques, Funky Junk, Re-Purposing, Handmade items and more. The promoters of this show are some of the hardest working people I know. They produce so many shows in just one years time, Montage Festivals is simply amazing! If you like to do a good show... this is where it's at. From a one day show to a three day show, they make it happen seamlessly! There are so many great shops in the Waco area, you may have to pick and choose, it is hard to hit them all. The shops of La Salle and Junk in my Trunk and Junk and go Chic and several in between, all on La Salle. There are several shops downtown also...  Junk Couture, Junk.A.Funk on South Strickler and Junk Exchange.  Fredericksburg... where to start, with the great Antique and Junk stores, wine tastings, the seed company, the wonderful shopping, excellent eats... stop me at any time. If you have never been to Fredericksburg, it is a must! The Trade Days is the third weekend of each month and not to be missed! You will be overwhelmed with things to do in Fredericksburg. I envy you if this is your choice for the day, leave out early, you will be getting in late! if you can, stay over and hit the Rosenberg show on Saturday or Sunday, depending on what day you go. No matter what you do this weekend, sleep in, jump up early and hit the garage sales, cook outdoors or go out to dinner, go fishing or even laze around the house... be safe and stay hydrated! God Bless you all!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Funky Junk VS Antiques

What Time is it? It is time for more indoor shows, which takes us to the Antique Shows in the south! it is way to hot to be running around in the outdoor venues. We are concentrating on the indoor venues, which usually leads us to the finer side of the Antique World. The thing is... are they really all about Antiques? We have been seeing more of the Re-purposed and Decorating trends popping up in almost all of the shows. The junk shows seem to be taking over the industry as of right now. The glass and pottery has pretty much died down and the really high quality has all but ceased to sell at all. The Victorian pieces are few and far between when it comes to sales, you almost have to give it away. Now, when we go out, we look for rusty chippy iron and old worn cabinets, decorator items and chandeliers. The more the item needs to be dressed up, the better. If I sold a galvanized bucket or tub once, I have sold them a dozen times. We did a show in Montgomery,  and we had to bring a load a day, just to keep up with the sales. It was great, unfortunately the side of the booth with quality antiques sold 1/10th as much. We have definitely seen a turn in the last 18 years, I am not sure it was for the better. I have all of these hair clients that keep telling me that their Children have no interest in their Antiques. It is sad but true... Like most things, this will change in a few years and we will be stripping all of that paint off of the nice oak and Antique Furniture. We had to strip off all of that paint from the 70's when our parents :Antiqued" everything... The next generation will have to do the same, it is the way of the world. Keep on junkin and painting, until it is no longer desired... then go buy a storage unit filled with Antiques. We hope to see you out there, somewhere on the trail.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Texas is full of Junk Shows! Rusty, CHippy, Vintage, Repurposed and more.

Tucker Feed ~ Trade Day
Saturday Feb. 21st
1785 County Road 3330, Omaha, Texas 75571
is the new one I found...
Shop Spring Gypsy Market, March 5, 6 & 7th. Spring Texas. 

March 14 & 15 is the rusty Chippy Vintage Hippy & Garden Show! Huntsville Texas, @ Walker County Fair Grounds.

If you look up Montage Festivals, they seem to put on a lot of shows, most are one day shows and are amazing. We set up at two of theirs shows and have had great success!
Their next show is March 28th in Tyler Texas, @ Harvey Hall Convention Center, one day only!

Heritage Events is another one that puts on a lot of shows, some are a mixture of junk dealers and antiques and some are just antique shows.

Vintage Market Days in Dallas/McKinney, Bushel and a Peck, May 8&9, Myers Park and Event Center.

Urban Market Design and Antique Show in Houston, April 11 & 12, 2015. Market Street!
The Horse Flea is a great junk show and we hope to get into that one in a few years (when Greg Retires).

Junk Revival is a great junk show and we will also be looking into that one as well.

The Gypsy Tramp show is coming up soon... You have got to get on Facebook and friend these shows, just to get the "In The Know".

This is just a few for the next month or so... If there are more, let me know! Thanks
Huntsville Antique Show on Facebook!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Antiquing during the winter months...

     What do you do in the Winter months, antiques are not that plentiful... The estate sales are down, nobody is having garage sales, the shops close early or shorten their weeks... It can be frustrating, especially when you need that last minute gift. I for one have taken off work and went shopping, or even shopped on line at one of those "forbidden sites", meaning eBay or Etsy. I have over paid for an item more than once by hitting those Money Sites. I have found if I will plan ahead, I keep from spending way too much. This past Christmas, I found a few good deals locally and even out on our jaunts. The Exciting thing about shopping online is the price goes way down after the Holiday. I never realized how much the difference was until this last online trip. I was very pleased to see that the Schoenhut Tiger went for three hundred dollars less than before Christmas and the Swimsuit for Hawaii was almost 1/2 as much. The Crazy thing about the Local Stores, it is backwards. They have all the sales before the holidays due to the drop in shoppers. Then at the first of the year, the sales are off and the shoppers are returning. The antique shows are all starting back up and the outside shows are slow if the weather is bad and great if they weather is good. The weekend trade days are usually a good place to find bargains, however not in December. If the venue is half full you are doing good, outside trade days are scares and barren. The January Canton trade Days were vacant of Shoppers although the Vendors turned up, at least 80% of them. The weekend was wet and very cold, it really kept the shoppers away and the ones that went did not get very good deals. I figure that is due to the "need to pay rent" issue. If you have not paid your rent yet and the shoppers are not there, it is hard to pass on a great deal on some of your harder to find merchandise. The Christmas stuff is all on sale in a lot of Antique Stores and that is taking away from some of the regular purchases, al though I did it myself (for three days).
I figured they can just buy it up all year, the rest of the red stuff will have to blend on in with the Valentines decorations. Oh Well, that is about if for now, hope to be more diligent this year with the whole blog thing. Happy Hunting, now get off that computer and shop locally! Thanks

Monday, May 12, 2014

Antiques in Texas 2014 Junkin Across Texas Trade Days Listed


There are several Trade days on the Calendar, Canton is always the first Monday of the month, the weekend right before the first Monday to be exact. If the Monday of the month is the 1st or the 6th, the weekend prior is the big weekend. McKinney Trade days is also a very popular weekend, the next weekend of the month is McKinney Red Lumber Yard show and sale. We just got back from Winnie trade Days, it was fun but as with any good trade Days, the First Day or Set up Day is when you really need to be there for the great deals. The best part for us is the garage sales along the way, we were loaded down way before we got there. Check the list below and be sure to call before you go, they may no longer exist! Just Saying...

Amarillo North Texas (First Weekend of every month), Front Gate Artisan Marketplace, I-27 & Bell (off access road). Hrs: Fri. & Sat: 10am-6pm; Sun: 1pm-6pm. Antiques, Crafts, Foods, Jewelry, Iron Furniture, Fun for the Family! For Info: 806-236-1799

Andice Central Texas Trade & Market Days, Call For Info: 254-793-2565

Bandera Border Central Texas Bandera Downs Trade Days & Flea Market, 2303 State Hwy 16 S, Every 3rd Weekend, For Info: 817-832-9936

Bandera Border Central Texas Bandera Downs Trade Days & Flea Market, 2303 State Hwy 16 S, Every 3rd Weekend, For Info: 817-832-9936

Bastrop Prairies & Lakes - Central Texas Pine Street Market Days, Downtown, For Info: 512-303-6233

Bay City Southeast Texas (Third Sat. of Each Month), Around the Courthouse Square, Hrs. 8:30 - 4:00; For Info: 800-806-8333

Bellville Southeast Texas Market Days, First Saturday of every month on Town Square, Collectibles, Antiques, Jewelry, Arts, Crafts, For Info: 979-865-3407

Belton, Central Texas Belton Market Days, 100 East Central, 3rd Saturday of each month. For Info: 254-383-0967

Blanco Central Texas Blanco Market Days. On the Square in Blanco. Every third Saturday - April to November with a Special Christmas Show in December. Hours: 9:00am - 4:00pm (Set-up is at 7:00am). For Info: 830-833-0260.

Blanco Central Texas Blanco Trade Days & Farmers Market. Yett Park. For Info: 830-833-4460.

Blanco Central Texas Riverside Market Days. Second weekend of every month, Hwy. 1623 West, 1-1/4 miles from light. Antiques, Collectibles, Food, Shabby Chic & More! For Info: 830-385-6100.

Boerne Central Texas Boerne Market Days, Second weekend of every month, Arts, Crafts, Antiques, Collectibles, Food and vendors from all over Texas.

Bonham Northeast Texas Trade Days follows 1st Monday of the month, For Info: 903-583-4811

Bonham Northeast Texas Kiwanis Trade Days, For Info: 903-227-04477 or 903-583-9386

Bowie Northeast Texas Hwy. 287 and Hwy 81, Every 2nd Monday and the Friday, Saturday and Sunday prior to 2nd Monday. For Info: 940-872-1114

Brenham Southeast Texas Hwy 290 Trade Days (16 miles West of Brenham), 15780 Hwy 290 W, Antiques, Arts & Crafts, Quilts, Saddle & Tack & More. For Info: 1-800-376-7915

Canton Northeast Texas Canton's First Monday Trade Days, Thursday-Sunday before the first Monday each month, First Monday Lane on US 19 off I-20. Oldest,Largest Open Air Market. For Info: 903-567-6556

Canton Northeast Texas The Mountain (Part of Canton Trade Days), 2 blocks east of Highway 19 on Highway 64 facing Old Mill Marketplace parking lot. Fri-Sun before 1st Monday (Not First Monday). Pioneer Village with 100 a/c heated buildings ~ featuring antiques, collectibles, artists, gunfights, quilt auctions & more. For Info: 972-272-3060

Canyon Lake Hill Country Texas Market Days, For Info: 830-964-3003

Clifton (Laguna Park) Central Texas Bosque Resort Trade Days, 2nd weekend of each month, 372 State Hwy 22, For Info: 254-622-2034

Coldspring Southeast Texas ColdSprings TX on the Square, 4th Saturday each month, 1 Colspring Sq., Large Trade Days. For Info: 936-653-2009

Colorado City North Texas Railhead Trade Days, For Info: 325-728-3403 - Let them know you found them on Texas Antique

Comfort Central Texas Comfort Trade Days, 52303 IH-10 (Exit 524), 3rd weekend of the month: April-November. Old Fashion, Open Air Market. Call For Info: 830-446-6402

Corsicana - Corsicana Vendors Day, 3rd Saturday-Every Month, 801 N. 13th Street, Crafter's of all kinds. For Info: 903-467-6364

Crockett East Texas Trade Days, 764 Hwy 21 West, 3rd Weekend of each month. Antiques, Books, Coins, Furniture, and more. Call For Info: 936-636-2234

Crosby Southeast Texas Crosby Market Days, 14119 Bohemian Hall, 1st Saturday. Buyers come out! Call For Info: 832-377-9079

East CantonNortheast Texas 800 Shops! Old Mill Marketplace - part of First Monday Trade Days, 542 Hwy. 64, For Info: 903-567-5445

EdinburgSouth Texas Market Days, County Courthouse Parking Lot. For Info: 956-383-4974

Fairfield Prairies-Lakes Texas Trade Days, Moody Reunion Fairgrounds, 4th Weekend (Sat/Sun), Call For Info: 903-389-2633 Please let them know you found them on Texas Antique Mall...

Flatonia, Southwest Texas Second Saturday in March, April, September and October, For Info: 361-865-3920.

Fort Worth Central Texas Trade Days USA at Texas Motor Speedway, Monthly (Nov.22-23), I-35 W at Hwy. 114. Two-hundred (200) Acres with 4,000 spaces. For Info: 817-255-6023

Fredericksburg Southwest Texas (Trade Days - 3rd weekend of each month), 300+ Vendors on 55 acres, 7 miles east of Fredericksburg on Highway 290 across from the Wildseed Farm. Hrs: 9am - 6pm Friday & Saturday; 9am - 4pm Sunday. Antiques, Collectibles, Tools, Primitives, Shabby Chic, Ranch Furniture, Unique Clothing, Jewelry, and more. For Info: 830-990-4900

Georgetown Central Texas 2nd Saturday of each month, Downtown Georgetown, 10am, For Info: 512-868-8675

Glen Rose Borders Northeast & Central Texas Glen Rose Market Days, March-December, First Saturdays. Downtown Glen Rose. For Info: 254-897-2286.

Goliad Southwest Texas Monthly Trade Days, 2nd Saturday (March-Dec), 9am-4pm; Courthouse Square, 170+ booths, For Info: 361-645-3563, 800-848-8674

Greenville Northeast Texas Greenville 1st Weekend Trade Days, 6301 Highway 380, Trade Days Every 1st Weekend. Jewelry, Clothing, Art, Candles, Hats. For Info: 903-455-3801

Gruene Central Texas (Monthly Trade Days - 3rd Weekend), IH-35, Exit 191 West, 1-1/2 mile to Hunter Rd, turn left and go 1/2 mile. Open Saturday/Sunday from 10:00 am. Closing time is based on season and varies from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm. For Info: 830-629-6441

Gruene Central Texas Old Gruene Market Trade Days, Call For Info: 830-832-1721

Harlingen Southwest Texas (Monthly Trade Days) Jackson Street Market Days, 1st Saturday of Every Month, 9am-4pm; For Info: 956-423-4041

Hooks Northeast Texas (Tues-Sat), 901 Hwy 182, Hours: 10am-6pm; Antiques, Collectibles, Vintage, Glassware & Furniture, For Info: 903-547-7161

Hitchcock Southeast Texas Galveston Trade Days, 5606 FM 2004, For Info: 409-986-6040

Hubbard Memorial Day Weekend Trade Days, Call for info: 254-576-2521. Let them know you found them on Texas Antique Mall and to send in more information.

Humble Southeast Texas - (Monthly Trade Days - Saturday after 2nd Monday each month March-December), Humble Trade Day Extravaganza, 8301 Will Clayton Pkwy. Antiques, Crafts, Collectibles, UNDER A COVERED PAVILLION ~ FREE ADMISSION/PARKING ! For Info: 281-446-4140

Huntington East  Texas - Country Barn Market Trade Days, 309 US Hwy 69 N, April-December every week, Trade Days & Antique Store, For Info: 936-675-4866

Huntsville has a trade Days at "Kate's trade Days" on Hwy 190 East of I-45, the first weekend of the month. Still Building it up! Great place to set up. Only $10.00 for out side spaces.

Hutto Central Texas (Monthly Flea Market), Third Weekend of each month. Located 7 miles east of Interstate 35 out of Round Rock, TX. Most weekends are Fri - Sun. Winter: Sat - Sun. Hours are 8:00 am - 3:00 pm, They are located at 7250 Hwy 79, Hutto, TX. Space available in old horse arena, open, but covered. For Info: Joyce Hargrove, 512-759-1064.

Iola - Central/Prairies Lakes Region Texas Trade Days & Flea Market, 7221 Main Street, (April 20-22), For Info: 281-808-3037

JewettSoutheast Texas (Monthly Trade Days), Second Saturday of each Month, Friday - Sunday, Hwy. 79.

JustinNortheast Texas Justin Trade Days, 2nd & 4th Weekends, 15306 Hwy 114, Trade Days & Antique Shop, For Info: 817-636-2043

KatySoutheast Texas (Old Town Katy Market Day), Third Saturday of each Month, 2nd Street 7 Ave. B, For Info: 281-391-1993

KemahSoutheast Texas Kemah Farmers & Open Air Market, Every Saturday of each Month, Hwy 146 & FM 2094, High traffic with many vendors. For Info: 281-334-3636

KerrvilleCentral Texas Market Days, Courthouse Square, Call For Info: 830-895-7524

KountzeEast/NortheastTexas Kountze Big Thicket Trade Days, 4th Weekend every month, Hwy 69 (next to Super 8 Motel), Shopping, Food and Fun. For Info: 409-880-5667

LlanoCentral Texas Traders Rendezvous, Third Saturday, Courthouse Square Hwy. 16, On the courthouse lawn. For Info: 325-247-4137

LivingstonSoutheast Texas - 3rd Monday, Weekend preceding 3rd Monday of each month, HWY 59 Bypass in Pedigo Park, For Info: 936-327-3656,

LivingstonSoutheast Texas - Trade Days at Pedigo Park (Lake Livingston area), For Info: 936-327-3656

LufkinSoutheast Texas - 1st Saturday TradeDay every month, For Info: 936-676-0354,

LufkinSoutheast Texas - Highway 69 N. Trade Days, 4730 Hwy 69 North, 2nd Weekend, Tools, Jewelry, Texas Stuff, Concessions, For Info: 936-875-4142,

Longview Northeast Texas 2nd Full Weekend of Each Month, Sat - 8a - 5p and Sunday 10a - 4p; 1123 Jaycee Drive, For Info: 903-753-4478

McKinney Northeast Texas - 3rd Monday with a Flea Market open year around the Saturday and Sunday before 3rd Monday. Located on US 380, 2 mi. west of US 75. For Info: 972-562-5466

MorganNortheast Texas - Trade Days, Hwy 56 & FM927, Candles, Jewelry, Antiques, Crafts, Food. For info: 254-775-4043

Mount EnterpriseNortheast Texas - Trade Days Every 3rd Weekend

Navasota Southeast Texas - Texas Pickers, 2241 FM 2988 Rd., 1st Saturday every month, Cotton gin packed with antiques, For Info: 281-914-7861

Nacogdoches Southeast Texas - Nacogdoches Flea Market, Open 2nd FULL Weekend Each Month, 5900 North street, For Info: 936-564-3611

Odessa Southwest-Big Bend TexasBriar Patch Trade Days, Ector County Coliseum (Barn D), West Texas Vendors, different items. Semi-Annual Event. Call for info: 432-272-1177 - Let them know you found them on Texas Antique Mall and to send more information!

Orange Southeast Texas Orange Trade Days, LLC, 200 Turrett, East Town Shopping Center, Monthly beginning June 18-20, 2010, Farmers & Flea Markets, Antiques, Food, Jewelry & More. For Info: 409-883-4344

Port Isabel Gulf Coast/Southeast Texas First Sunday, All Year, City Park next to library, For Info: 956-455-6798

Overton Piney Woods/East Texas - New Sexton City Tradedays, Fourth Weekend, 13630 N. Main St., For Info: 903-790-2350

Palestine Southeast Texas - 1st Saturday & Sunday of every month, 927 Gardner Dr., For Info: DAV - 903-729-3088 or J.D.Garrett - 903-723-5496

Pt. Neches Southeast Texas Avenue Trade Days of Pt. Neches, 3rd Weekend of each month, Pt. Neches Avenue - Food & Entertainment, Shops open weekly Thurs-Sat. 10a-5p; For Info: 404-724-6166

Port Lavaca Gulf Coast/Southeast Texas Market Days, Bauer Community Center, Call For Info: 361-552-2959 Please let them know you found them on Texas Antique Mall...

Post North-Pan Handle Texas Post City trade Day, For Info: 806-559-0835

Post North-Pan Handle Texas, Old Mill Trade Days, Call for info: 806-495-3461. Let them know you found them on Texas Antique Mall and to send in more information.

San Antonio Southwest Texas Victorian Trade Days, For Info: 210-590-2507

San Benito Southeast Texas Market Days, Plaza de San Benito, For Info: 956-399-5321

San Saba Hill Country Texas Pecan Capital Trade Day, Downtown. For Info: 325-372-8291

Seminole North Texas Seminole Trade Days, Third full weekend of every month. 812 S.E. Ave. F, Crafts, Antiques, Food, Jewelry. For Info: 432-758-0807

Simonton Sosutheast / Gulf Coast Texas Red Potato Market, March 7-8 (Call for other dates), 9114 FM 1489, For Info: 281-533-9863

Smithville Northeast Texas Smithville Trade Days, April - December, 3rd, Saturday, Main Street. For Info: 281-770-7514

Snyder North Texas Snyder Trade Days, 3000 Towle Park Road, Indoors/Outdoors in the Park. For Info: 325-207-1388

Somerset Southwest/Central Texas True Value Market Days, 19790 Kurz St., For Info: 210-275-5574

South Padre Island Southeast Texas South Padre Island Market Days, Convention Center, For Info: 956-554-9899

Stanton Central Texas Trade Days in April (9-10), June and October. Hrs:Sat-8am-6pm; Sun: noon-6pm. For Info: 432-756-2006

Sweetwater, Central Texas Sweetwater Trade Days, 4 Industrial Dr., Arts, Crafts, First Weekend, Call For Info: 325-235-2227

Tioga, Northeast Texas Western Trade Days, Gene Autry Drive (Downtown Tioga). April - September; 4th Saturday. For Info: 940-390-5093

Troup, East - Piney Woods, Texas Tina's Troup Trade Days, 3rd Weekend each month, 22130 State Hwy 110 S., Shoppers Welcome, For Info: 903-707-6329

Troy, Central Texas Troy Market Days, 1st Saturday each month, Downtown, Hrs: 8am-2pm, Arts, Crafts, fruit & vegetables, Texas Gifts. For Info: 254-718-4376

Vidor, Southeast Texas Triangle Trade Days, 500 South Street, Every weekend - All year. Unique gifts for everyone! For Info: 409-673-8982.

UvaldeCentral Texas Country Market Days, Downtown Plaza, Call For Info: 210-844-8193

Warrenton, Central Texas Warrenton Trade Days, Renck Hall Field, 2nd Weekend each month (except March & September), For Info: 979-966-9260.

Waxahachie, Northeast Texas Second (2nd) Monday weekend every month following Canton, Ellis County Expo Center, Highway 287 & I-35, For Info: 972-816-3644.

Weatherford Northeast Texas 1st Monday, First Monday Grounds, Corner of Santa Fe Dr and Forth Worh Hwy, 9am - 5pm Daily, Fri-Sun, For Information: 817-598-4124

Weimar Central Texas Weimar Trade Days, 1st Friday-Saturday Every Month, 2049 Interstate 10, 10am - 5pm, For Information: 979-263-4305,

Whitewright Northeast Texas Whitewright Trade Days, 200 W. Pine St., American Legion 4th Monday, For Info: 972-480-3389

Whitewright Northeast Texas American Legion Park, Friday - Sunday before the fourth Monday. Antiques, collectibles, Small market - Big Bargains. For Info: 903-815-4955

Whitewright Northeast Texas Whitewright Treasure Mall, 803 St. Hwy 160, 4th Monday Weekend, 20+ Vendor Mall, For Info: 903-364-0109

Wimberley Borders Southeast & Central Texas (Monthly Trade Days - 1st Saturday of each month, April - December), Wimberly is Southwest of Austin on Ranch Road 12. Lions Field is located on Ranch Road 2325 about 1/4 mile from junction with Ranch Road 12. Hours are typically 6:00 am until last vendor packs up.

WimberleyCentral Texas Market Days, Lions Pavilion, Call For Info: 512-847-2201

Winnie Southeast Texas Larry's Old Time Trade Days & Flea Market, 14902 FM Hwy 1663, Open the weekend following the first Monday. Open rain or shine - inside shops, under cover & outdoor spaces. RV park available. For Info: 409-296-3300.